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How absence management software helps you save your most valuable asset

It's a huge step in a business' growth to begin taking on employees, however, nobody can work every single day. It's essential to effectively manage employee downtime, however, this can drain you of your most valuable asset - time. As you push forward to grow your business as much as possible, that time becomes even more valuable.

There is, however, a way for you to get that time back, by implementing absence management software.

Efficiency of communication

Traditional methods of managing downtime can be sluggish at best. An employee calls in needing the day off and all records have to be updated, often manually. This isn't the case with employee management software. With Leavetrack, for example, it can be as simple as a request in your email inbox. The employee states how much time they need off and why, then you're able to accept or decline instantly.

Depending on what you choose, the system is updated automatically. This allows you to free up that time you've saved and focus your attention on more pressing matters, without juggling employee rotas.

Statistic management and tracking

The logistics of managing employee absence is important, however, there's more to absence management software's ability to help you save time than just that. Employee attendance metrics are stored over time, allowing you access to detailed reports when you need them. This allows you to see how many days are being taken off, by who, and for what reason. All of this is essential information for streamlining your business and improving efficiency.

Time is also saved through absence management software negating the requirement to have drawn out meetings when it comes to requesting time off - employees can check dates and request time off in advance.

The right investment for you?

You may think that if you have just a few employees that absence management software isn't necessary. The truth of the matter is that even with one employee, it makes for a wise investment. Remember also that it's going to make your business growth that much more painless, as you can easily integrate new employees into your system.
Posted by Robin on 14 Sep, 2020 in Employer Tips