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Leavetrack Update - Making Calendars First Class

Leavetrack has had iCal integrations for some time so you can import staff leave records into your favourite calendar application. The links for this though have been buried in the application in various places such as the employee record and reports screen.

Now, all employees can retrieve their accessible calendars by going to My Record > Calendars. You can copy the calendar link and import it into your favourite calendar application such as Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. The page will show when the calendar was last accessed and by which application. Calendar feeds are updated on the following events:

  • An absence is approved
  • An absence is cancelled
  • An employee is added to your account

This means that unapproved absences will not show in calendar feeds.

Calendar feeds page

Access to Calendars

Access to calendars varies based on your role within the organisation.

Admin: Has access to account, department and employee calendars

Approver: Has access to calendars for their department, any additional departments to which they have access and employees in all their departments

User: Has access to the their own calendar and their department's calendar

Calendar feeds respect the "make public" settings on absence categories so if an employee books leave in a category that is not set to public, that information will not show up in the calendar feeds.

Integration in Apple Calendar

How to add iCal feeds to your calendar application

Subscribing to calendars varies by application but if you want to get your teams' absences in your favourite calendar application, you can find links to the common ones below.

Instructions for Apple Calendar

Instructions for Google Calendar

Instructions for Outlook
Posted by Robin on 03 Apr, 2021 in Leavetrack Update