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Managing staff holidays in a small business: Three things to think about.

Running a small business can be incredibly difficult. As well as ensuring that your day to day management of operations is always successful, there are a whole host of administrative tasks that also need to be complete, many of which people who don’t run their own business would never even think about.

One of these areas is staff holidays. Staff are entitled to holiday throughout the year, with the amount of holiday they receive often being negotiated before the contract is undertaken, and linked to the number of hours worked. However, it’s not as simple as just allowing staff to leave when they want - balancing staff holidays within a small business can be extremely tricky.

Paid or unpaid?

Generally, staff members will be entitled to paid holiday leave, that is days off where they are still being paid their full salary. In small businesses, it can be difficult to know how many paid or unpaid holiday days your staff members have taken. Any confusion in this area could lead you to underpay them, which could escalate into legal trouble, or you overpaying them which will harm your business’ profits.

Scheduling can be tricky

Saying yes to staff holidays may seem fine when it is initially mentioned, but if you look in your diary and find they are planning to leave on the busiest week of the year, then trouble is likely to arise. You need to find a way of creating or using a staff holiday planner to ensure these types of mix-ups don’t occur.

There is an easier way

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Posted by Robin on 25 May, 2020 in Employer Tips