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Preparing for an employee going on holiday

Of course, it's extremely important to manage the holiday schedule for any company. Making sure work can be covered, deadlines met, and the like form part of an effective planning process. That's fine - but in this blog we're going to concentrate on the more personal level, assessing how an individual prepares to leave for that break...

Working harder or smarter?

Over the years, many bosses have commented that 'I wish my staff worked as if they were going on holiday all the time!' The suggestion is that the individual is more focused and works harder with the goal of escape in sight. However, it's important to ensure that it isn't just a panicked rush to get many tasks allegedly completed when, in reality, it's little more than a series of potential problems being sidetracked. The following three points can help an employee adopt a clearer focus...

Define the returning situation

Rather than simply focus on what needs to be done at this moment, have an employee focus on what they wish the situation to be on their return from holiday. This helps them both take action in the present but also create an effective plan for work to be undertaken by others while they are away.

Understanding the substitute fielder

The person taking over key areas of the vacationer's work is likely to have a different level of experience, perhaps varying levels of expertise. Therefore, leaving instructions framed in a way that they can clearly understand is crucial.

Be up-front about what hasn't been done

In the rush, there is a danger that key tasks or actions are half-completed (or worse), or simply sidelined with a crossing of fingers. Pro-active managers will encourage an employee about to head off into a break to be honest about what tasks they haven't been able to complete, and what needs to be done while they are absent. This can be frustrating, but is inevitably a better course of action than simply inserting your head into the sand!

How can we help?

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