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3 top tips for managing a small business without an HR department

Running a small business can be a challenging experience no matter what, but it can be even more difficult without an HR department. Naturally, as businesses grow and scale, the resources required to create an HR department will present themselves, but in the meantime, what can these companies do? If you’re worried about how to achieve this, then today’s blog post is for you. Here are our top 3 tips for managing your business without a dedicated HR department.

#1: Choose an individual to stand in for the HR department

Just because it doesn’t make financial sense to create an entire HR department, doesn’t mean you can’t have an HR person. In fact, it’s a very smart idea to entrust an individual at your company with HR duties. This doesn’t always mean hiring and firing – it can be as simple as someone checking on the employee holiday planner, or asking about available job opportunities for friends.

#2: Make use of dedicated tools for day-to-day HR management

To scale Human Resources operations without a team of employees, it’s really the tools and the software you provide which make all the difference. By using the right digital tools to enable your staff to manage their own HR – for example, by using Leavetrack for your staff holiday planner – you’ll take the pressure off a single person and empower your staff to manage their own HR considerations, including their annual leave.

#3: Get everything down in black and white

When you don’t have a team of people working to document every aspect of your company’s HR, it actually becomes even more important to track everything. So whether it’s somebody falling an scraping a knee, or a full-blown work dispute between colleagues, you need to ensure that you log everything in black and white. If your HR issues with any employees ever escalate, you may well rely on these logs – so be sure to dot every I and cross every T.

If you’d like to learn just how simple, fast, and affordable absence management software can be, get in touch with the Leavetrack team today – no HR department required!
Posted by Robin on 08 Jun, 2020 in Employer Tips