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Top 5 Signs You Need Help with Employee Absence

Not sure if you have an issue with employee absence? That's OK, lots of companies find it hard to spot the patterns in staff leave. Unless you have a system that allows employees and managers to record sick leave, holiday, remote working and others, it can be hard to stay on top of what's happening.

So, here at Leavetrack, we've compiled our top 5 signs that you need help with managing staff absence. In the absence of data, just keep an eye out for these critical events.

1. Nobody else is in the office

That's right, it's Friday morning, you've come into the office and nobody else is there. That's when you remember that today was the company-wide offsite and everyone else is "bonding" and "team-building" at the outward bound centre in the Cotswolds.

Just you, then?

2. You can't remember the last time you saw Dawn from Accounts

She definitely wasn't at her desk on Monday morning, and you're pretty sure that she wasn't in the team meeting the Wednesday before that. You check in with Steve and he can't remember either. There's no sick note, fit note, email or phone call and that's when you realise that Dawn is missing and nobody has a clue what's up with her.


3. Your sick pay bill is larger than your wage bill

You're signing off the monthly payments and you then realise that you are paying more in sick pay than you are in regular wages. You knew the office felt a bit emptier than normal but thought that was just an increase in flexible working.

The sick pay bill is what?

4. Dave from Marketing keeps posting pics from Goa

If it's not pics of his latest henna tattoos, its rambling posts about how he's "finding his true self". His holiday has been going on a while you think and then recall a conversation six months ago about sabbatical leave. Now, did you complete the paperwork on that one?

It's so totally peaceful, man...

5. There's a baby crying in the office

You are just about to head into HR to say that this is not a childcare facility when you remember that Daphne had been complaining about trying to buy a crib in the middle of lockdown. "Maybe she's on maternity leave now?", you think.


Leavetrack helps you get a handle on all types of staff absence: working remote, holidays, sick leave and maternity leave. You never need to wait until Monday morning to find out that Jim is on vacay!
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